9 Indoor Air Contaminants That Could Be Hiding in Your Home Right Now

Over 1,500 Substances may be found in the Typical American home Sometimes can emit Toxic Fumes.

More chemicals are approved every year for use by manufacturers with little or no safety testing!

So what types of contaminants and pollutants could be in your home right now?

  • Formaldehyde from paint, bookshelves, cabinets, beds, plastics, cosmetics, fabrics, pillows and drapes
  • VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, from paint, pesticides, building and hobby materials, cleaners
           and cabinetry
  • Lead from old paint (simply opening an old painted window can release it into your air)
  • Airborne bacteria and viruses from humans, pets, moist surfaces and ventilation systems
  • Flame-retardant chemicals from furniture, carpeting and mattresses
  • Fragrances and other chemicals from candles and cleaning and laundry supplies
  • Mold, mildew and other pollutants from faulty plumbing and leaky foundations and roofs
  • Dander and allergens from pets and other animals
  • Tobacco smoke, including second- and third-hand smoke


Here's another source of indoor air pollution that you might not suspect: cooking. Roasting or frying food creates organic compound by-products and without proper ventilation, Korean researchers have found the concentration of these dust particles can reach levels 25 times higher than what's considered "very unhealthy!"

Most if not all of these substances present a significant threat to your health and your family's health, including your pets. Some, like formaldehyde, certain VOCs and flame retardants are known or suspected carcinogens. Others can potentially harm your thyroid, IQ, memory and fertility.