Leave It to Mother Nature to Come up with This Effective Air-Clearing Technique


You've probably noticed how the air seems so fresh and clean when you're outside in the Woods, Mountains or on the Beach.

That's Mother Nature at work...

Ozone, or O3, is a molecule made from three oxygen atoms. A natural component of the earth's atmosphere, low levels of ozone exist in outdoor air, even right outside your window!

Created by solar ultraviolet radiation and lightning, ozone is what cleans the outside air, especially after a thunderstorm.

Scalable Activated Oxygen Purification uses activated oxygen, or ozone, to purify and clean your air. Another active method of air purification, activated oxygen neutralizes odors instead of masking them like with toxic air fresheners.

Ozone is highly reactive so when it "cleans" or oxidizes an air pollutant, it loses one of its oxygen atoms and turns back into pure oxygen (O2). In fact, its half-life is very short - the amount of ozone in your air decreases by 50 percent in only 20 minutes!

Once ozone oxidizes a pollutant, the contaminant loses its ability to cause odor or be allergenic or potentially harmful. Mold spores and bacteria can no longer reproduce as ozone reacts with the fatty acids in bacterial cell walls, breaking down membranes and allowing the cellular contents to escape.