Transform the air in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, office or other small spaces into fresh, clean-smelling air with our ClearAir Room Air Purifier

Explore our top-quality room air purifiers in Hardin, MT

Using two of the advanced technologies - Ionization and Activated Oxygen - the ClearAir Room Air Purifier with its adjustable dial removes offending particles and odors from the air rather than covering them up with chemical-laden "air freshening" plug-ins and sprays.

The ClearAir Room Air Purifier is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and laundry rooms, or any small room about 50 sq. ft. Have a larger space? Simply plug in more than one purifier, or use our ClearAir Tabletop Air Purifier.
With its space-saving size and complementary neutral color, the ClearAir Room Air Purifier fits unobtrusively into any home or office d├ęcor.

Its small size makes it perfect for travel. Simply plug in to any outlet, and turn the dial to your desired level of purification. Stale, smelly hotel air can now be a thing of the past.

Best of all, the Room Air Purifier requires only minimal maintenance. Because crystals will form on its vent with normal use, an occasional swabbing with alcohol will keep your unit functioning smoothly.

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3 great reasons to purchase a refrigerator air purifier

Fresh fruits and veggies are essential for our health and well-being. It's important that your produce is stored safely. If your fridge has poor air quality, your food can go bad and bacteria can run amuck.

Installing a refrigerator air purifier will:

  • Break down unpleasant odors
  • Reduce mold and mildew growth
  • Neutralize pesticides and other harmful contaminants

Our air purifiers provide 18-24 days of non-stop operation. Plus, charging them is a breeze.

Upgrade the way you store food by calling on Home Remedy Store for refrigerator air purifier sales.