Scalable Low Level Ozone Purification - the Answer to Ozone Jitters

Understanding Ozone is something some people have concerns about. Once you have a clear understanding you will realize how important it is for the quality of the air you breathe.


















At its naturally occurring levels in nature - 0.01 to 0.05 ppm (parts per million) - ozone is effective and safe, but just like anything else in nature, including the sun and oxygen, bringing it indoors requires respect and control to avoid creating a safety hazard.

With carefully designed air purifier controls, I believe ozone can be a safe and effective tool against indoor air contaminants. Scalable Low Level Purification allows for adjustable levels based on the square footage of your space to maintain levels of ozone well within the safety margin.

Below you can see the LCD data display for the Scalable Low Level Purification set to its highest level - a safe level suitable for your entire home or a large 3,000 square-foot (sq ft) space. Simply scale down the control for smaller spaces, all the way down to 250 sq ft, for the right level of activated oxygen, or choose the "normal" mode for
operation without ozone.

LCD data display
The manufacturer has gone to great measures to ensure when the unit is set properly, the Scalable Purification technology will not
release ozone greater than the EPA's limits.