Treat Your Whole Home to Fresh, Clean Air!

Many Air Purifiers on the Market Today use a Pass-Through Technology...

But With the Whole Home Air Purifier it effectively incorporates: 

       * Photo Catalytic Oxidation

       * Needlepoint Ionization

       * Activated Oxygen

       * Carbon filtration 

In addition to Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation, Needlepoint Ionization and Scalable Activated Oxygen Purification, the Whole Home Air Purifier utilizes physical electrostatic filtration to remove clumps of pollutants from the air and to keep your purifier unit clean.

Together, these technologies significantly reduce or eliminate:

  • Odors                        VOC's
  • Pet Dander             Pollen
  • Smoke                        Bacteris
  • Minor Mold            Viruses
  • Dust Mites                        
  • Chemical gases
  • Potentially Hazardous Indoor contaminants

With a focus on active types of purification, this Whole House Air Purifier is designed to proactively seek out indoor air pollutants, including mold spores in carpet and on surfaces.

You can depend on the ClearAir Whole Home Air Purifier to:

Destroy pollution from the air along with contaminants embedded in your walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, clothing and other surfaces.
Reduce or eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke, mildew and cooking odors.
Contributes to the sanitization of surfaces within your homes.
It goes to work clearing your air right away, as noticeable pollution start to be eliminated in as little as 15 minutes and the most challenging pollution in as few as 24 hours.

How can I confidently make this claim? Through independent research...

Independent Research Confirms Effectiveness